Friday, November 06, 2009

Digital Footprint,

A positive digital footprint is all about what people see about you,when they search for you on the internet.
It is very very very important to have a good positive digital footprint because future employers can look you up before hiring you,and decide weather you will be a good employee or not.

I think that you could always use your first name, just your first name though. Same as pictures.I think that as long as its appropriate, you should be able to use your own pictures not avatars.

Who should teach us to be internet savvy? I think that our parents should! Because they are the ones who have taught us while growing up on what to do, i think that hey should be the ones responsible for teaching us to be internet savvy.

When registering on a new website, i think that all you should need is your FIRST name, and an email where you can be contacted at! Nothing more!, No home address, no cell phone number or anything.

The sites that i can be found on online are here on Blogger, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and EPals.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

15 Random Facts!

Me and Kylie got this from reading other people's Blogs! =)!
  • I love my Macbook!
  • I have an older brother, whom i love,and miss..
  • I text "like a beast"
  • I'm not a picky eater, I have "refined taste"
  • I love my snowmobile =) (Yamaha baby!)
  • I'm a prep!
  • I have a tanning bed!
  • I love math,and technology!
  • Music is my savior!
  • I can type around 100/wpm!
  • I pierced my own ears =)
  • I have a bleeeding disorder (Hemophilia)
  • Myspace is my life
  • The internet is my life! =)!
  • Im gay!! don't hate.

Hope you enjoyed! =)!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What im loooking forward too,

This fall, i am looking forward to the snow flying! =)!
I LOVE to be in the snow,and go snowmobiling,
So i juss' can't wait for the snow to start flying,
and be able to go snowmobiling! =)!

After the fall im looking to getting my license,
and being able to drive (LEGALLY) on my own!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The highlight of my summer would have been going to CAMP!
This camp is made especially for people with disabilities. the disability that i have is
I have been going to that camp every since i have heard of it about 10 years ago!, and i will not stop going! =)!

I love all the people that work thereee,
they are one of a kind people that you will NOT find anywhere elsee =)
and they are juss' so nice.
and it is also nice, because they have the same disability!

There isn't a day that goes by, that i don't talk to at least one of them!

That was the most important thing of my summer =)!
I cannot wait to back next year,
and stay for three weeks,
and be a counselor in training!