Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer '010 :)

So it has almost been an ENTIRE month of summer vacation! And so far..It still is boring as hell!

Even though my parents barely ever let me out.. I've actually been hanging out with people quite a bit..More than I thought.. But its all during the day.. Not much at night, which is when i get most bored..

BUTTTT... I'm hoping that, that all changes very sooon! Tomorrow morning i have a job interview at Scheels :) Which im SUPPPPPERRRRRR excited about! At first I didn't wanna work there.. But now thinking about it.. I really wouldn't mind working there! So I'm really hoping that i get the job :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahh..So.. Summer '010 started Tuesday
And at first I was like ahh.shit..this is gonna be the most boring-est summer
Cause one..I can't afford to go anywhere..So basically i juss sit at home..
Two.. Cause My moms ALWAYS Home in the day :(, And that basically just sucks
Threee.. Is i've basically sat around so far

BUTTTTTTT...That all changed like.. Yesterday
Me and sara started to hang out more.. Bike rides around town, and shit like that. And I don't know. It made me happy cause, basically thats all i've done And then last night.. Kayce Sara, and Me... went to the theaters to see DATE NIGH! :)! It was SO GREAT I love hanging out with them :)
And then tonight.. I'm waiting on Kaitlyn to get done babysitting.. and then I'm gonna drive over to her house.. And she's gonna drive to T-BELL :) Which im super excited about :)

Ahh.. thats enough for now :P