Monday, April 12, 2010

Hmm..Bad day?

Soo.. Idk..
Rough afternoon basically.. =/.
The school parking lot is like so hard to get out that if you want out..cut people off.and squeeze in wherever you can!
So basically I did that, and I cut wyatt off..
And sarcastically I texted him and was like Hey,thanks for letting me out :)
And then he texted me back, just screaming at me,saying I almost hit him,and that he hates me, and that he hopes I crash my car and diee...
And then we got into this like, HUGE fight..Over everything that we possibly could have..
And I don't know it just like set me over the edge, because like everything that he said..I don't know.. It juss made me mad.. and Idk..It was so dumb the way that he was saying the stuff..Like how much he hated me..and a bunch of other BS I can't say otherwise Mrs B will yell at me.. =/.

So like I don't know that stuff really made me like super madd.. =/.

And on top of it..My report card came..
I'll admit..It wasn't the greatest..But it's pretty good for the class load that I havee..
I had a 2.9GPA for the quarter..and my dad is sitting here telling me that it needs to be at LEAST a 3.0..But yet he doesn't get how hard my class load is..With the two math classes.. =/.It took him like 2-3 years to pass algebra one.. so yeah..