Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So this summer was like pretty amazzzing! Better than i thought it would be..
I had some good times with my besties! :)!
I got to goto camp as a counselor,
I got two jobs! :D! (Which I didn't think would happen.)
..I also got me a boyfriend :) which I'm super super happy about! :)!
Ironic thing.. His name is also Cody! :)! Which I think is super cool! ha!

So tonight I decided to ask my mom if i was allowed to date..
Ah yeah, that didn't go as well as planned.. She basically told me I wasn't allowed to.. And then proceeded to tell me that if I lived my life the way that I wanted to, bad things would happen to me, and I wouldn't be happy the way that it was going from there.. =/.. which I totally get.. But you think a mother would be happy for you.. and not try to put you down like that....? That's how I look at it anywaysssss.. =/.
I just want one of those relationships where I can tell my parents whats actually happening in my life, rather than lie like I have been practically all summer.. =/.