Thursday, October 01, 2009

15 Random Facts!

Me and Kylie got this from reading other people's Blogs! =)!
  • I love my Macbook!
  • I have an older brother, whom i love,and miss..
  • I text "like a beast"
  • I'm not a picky eater, I have "refined taste"
  • I love my snowmobile =) (Yamaha baby!)
  • I'm a prep!
  • I have a tanning bed!
  • I love math,and technology!
  • Music is my savior!
  • I can type around 100/wpm!
  • I pierced my own ears =)
  • I have a bleeeding disorder (Hemophilia)
  • Myspace is my life
  • The internet is my life! =)!
  • Im gay!! don't hate.

Hope you enjoyed! =)!
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